Audree: Rediscover audio recording

Apple vždy věnoval velkou pozornost školství a MacOS X a iOS nabízí tisíce aplikací pro studenty i učitele. Zde se na ně můžete zeptat.

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Audree: Rediscover audio recording

Příspěvekod AudreeApp » 24 lis 2015 19:09

Good news! After a successful beta-testing, Audree was approved by Apple and released to the AppStore.
Download, discover, enjoy, use it every day and share...

We believe Audree will become your everyday companion and real personal assistant in all possible situations. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, share, like, tweet to let your friends know and appreciate Audree’s benefits. Thank you for your support!

Team Audree

PS. any feedback is most welcome – you can contact us on [url]
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