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Problem zvuku Dolby atmos na Apple TV pre Infuse

Napsal: 19 úno 2019 17:10
od goldo
Mám Apple TV 4k. Apple TV 4k je pripojený v HDMI kábel 2,1 do prijímača Onkyo, ktorý podporuje Dolby nastavenia Apple TV je audio video. Formát zvuku je automatický a Dolby Atmos je k dispozícii. Kúpil som si program Infuse Pro 5. V nastaveniach programu Infuse audio výstup je automatický. V nastavení Infuse je podiel, kde je synchronizovaný server Synology, v ktorom su všetky moje filmy. Moja otázka je.. Film, ktorý je v Dolby Atmos, takže na prijímači na vstupe je multi PCM 7,1 a výstup je len 5.1.2. Prečo sa nedá prehrať v Dolby Atmos? Cital som na nete ze filmy v dolby atmos infuse nevie prehrat ze to nepodporuje zatial a asi ani podporovat nebude .Je nejaka ina moznost?Dakujem

Re: Problem zvuku Dolby atmos na Apple TV pre Infuse

Napsal: 20 úno 2019 08:25
od rony
Dolby Atmos support has been announced at WWDC for tvOS 12!

Unfortunately, the current implementation is only useful for VOD services like iTunes, Netflix, and Vudu. Enabling Atmos for local content is a change that needs to come from Apple
What about Dolby Atmos and DTS-X?

Unfortunately, Apple does not yet allow apps like Infuse to utilize Atmos for local content. However, we are working to encourage them to add more versatile options for Atmos and other audio codecs.

If you have a moment to send them a quick message, you can let them know this feature is important to you as well. More info on how to send feedback/suggestions to Apple (along with sample text you can include in your message) can be found here. ... ions-tvOS-